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Most companies can grow revenue, but at the expense of their profitability. As your interim CFO services with 40+ years experience, we’ll help you to intelligently take your people, processes, and technology to the next level of profitable growth.


Growing a Family Business from $9M to $17M in Revenue

Our CFO Services Are
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Growth Minded

We work with ambitious CEOs and owners to help them grow revenue and profits.

If you’re trying to grow your business without a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) it would be like trying to fly from LA to NYC, but without any instruments or a map.

As your CFO, we’ll act as your navigator and strategically guide you through the financial data to help you (the CEO) pilot the company to your revenue goals.


Retirement Minded

We work with CEOs and owners that are ready to retire, but know they must ready the business for a sale or a management buyout.

We’ll take a deep dive into your financials, operations, and personnel to ensure all the proper controls anre in place and move reliance away from you, so the company can be sold.

Best of all, all this work will most likely translate into a higher valuation, maximmizing your exit from the business.


Success Minded

We work with CEOs and owners that are ready to transit the business to the next generation or their management team.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure all the processes are in place for a healthy sale of the business with maximum success.

Often the “Next generation” have many new ideas for the business. We specialize in communicating to the young and old of the company the merits of ideas to ensure the success of the company short term and long term.


Tax Savings
As your accountant, we could potentially minimize your tax burden by $100k to as much as $1M+.



We’ll automate your bookkeeping, so you never have to think about accounting again.



Controller Rescue
Key employee just quite? We’ll immediately jump in to rescue your accounting department!



CFO Insights
We’ll intelligently take your people, processes, and technology to the next level of profitable growth.


Why Only 6% of Owners
Succeed by 300%

Did you know that only 6% of businesses seat annual goals and revisited them on a quarterly basis?

This according to Xero’s (second largest accounting software) “Make or Break” report, which goes further to share that the 6% of business owners that “revisited” their goals quarterly had an increase of 300% in both productively and performance.


« As your CFO team, we’ll help you to intelligently take your people, processes, and technology to the next level of profitable growth »


Meet One of Your CFOs

Hello, My name is Glenn, and for the first 20 years of my career, I worked as a full-time CFO for a large corporation. That high-level thinking on how to run and manage a large corporation has always served my small-medium-sized business owners looking to take their $10M company and become a $15M or $100M company.

Now with 40 years experience as an Interim CFO and CPA, I provide CEOs with help to intelligently take their people, progress, and technology to the next level of profitable growth.

I look forward to discovering how we can work together to intelligently grow your business.


Glenn B. Hetzel, CPA | Glenn B. Hetzel & Associates, CPAs
Interim CFO & Managing Partner


Benefits of Our CFO Services


Fraction of the Cost

A top-tier controller can help your business grow revenues in the millions, but hiring a top-tier controller full-time costs an average of $282,200 in California.

Our on-demand CFO services will provide high-level strategic advisory required to achieve your growth goals, but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

Priceless Advisory

You want a CFO to alert you to foreseeable trouble (cashflow), make financial decisions (on labor costs, technology adoption), and “gut check” your decisions because it adds the high-level contribution that you know you need in orde to get to the next level of profitable growth.


Virtually $0 Cost Fees

Most business under $10M revenue have inefficient accounting departments and suboptimal vendor agreements.

Usually, within 90 days, through improved efficiencies and better vendor agreements, we will save you MORE in operational costs THAN the cost of our controller services (thus “virtually $0 cost fee”).

Right-Sized Accounting Department

We’ll increase profitable revenues annd then work our selves out-of-a-job. We’ll help you recruit the RIGHT accounting employees with the RIGHT skill sets and tools to ensure we acive your goals.


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What Are Your Accounting Needs? Tap to Choose a Service

Switching Accounting Firms Is Easier Than You Think


Switching from your current accounting firm only seems like a major pain in the but…

But in reality, it’s a brief communication with your current accountant/bookkeeper:

“It’s time for a new direction. Please send my books over to Glenn B. Hetzel & Associates, CPAs. Thank you for your service.”

Yout accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to. It’s really that easy.